Our projects

Concept of healthy distribution models 

We have adapted the FIRST LEGO League concept for Scandinavia and have developed and own the Newton concept. Our focus is to create concepts that have continuity. This implies that we have developed a distribution model that applies to both concepts. Both FLL tournaments and Newton rooms are owned and operated locally by municipalities, counties and businesses.

In addition to a local anchoring, we consider it very important that all participation in FLL and teaching in Newton rooms are curriculum based, and entered into as part of education in schools, and not in addition to.

Building and operating the network

The local organizations that own and operate the FIRST LEGO League tournaments and Newtonrooms constitute our network .

FIRST Scandinavia builds, operates and supports the networks.

We are " the oil in the machinery ", and develop and deliver tools that help ensure quality. We arrange project meetings, network meetings, courses and more. We are available to our network 24/7 with tips, advice and exchange of experience and expertise.

Our focus is to play our partners great - and thereby help to ensure continuity.

Within FIRST Scandinavia, we hold a range of qualifications.

To carry out our development and support , we have built a team with complementary properties and qualifications. The team consists of educators, engineers, designers, media/ film and concept developers and administrative staff.

We also greatly appreciate cooperation and seek advice from other partners from both education and business.

Beyond support and internal development of our concept, we also provide project management assistance, supply and development of Newton rooms and Newton modules, courses and other events.
We provide sketches in connection with the actual planning and development of Newton rooms, graphic design, animation, film and video tutorials + more.