About FIRST Scandinavia

Our desire is to give children and youths a good learning experience with technology and science. We want to achieve this  in cooperation with others through challenging and exciting projects. Our concept should last a long time, reaching out to many!

The FIRST Scandinavia foundation has since 2000 developed and implemented concepts and projects in the sciences for over 500,000 children and young people. FIRST LEGO League Scandinavia (FLL) and Newton are our two largest and most important concept, where we have ongoing projects in 85 cities.

In addition to our activities in Scandinavia , we have been involved in implementing and organizing events, developing projects and conducting training of teachers and organizations in other countries. We have also carried out activities in the United Arab Emirates, Japan, Turkey, Greenland, Lithuania, Iceland, Russia and several other countries in Central Europe.

FIRST Scandinavia is based in Bodø and springs from two companies. The ideal foundation FIRST Scandinavia (founded in 2000) has developed, owns and operates the concepts FLL and Newton.

The company FIRST Scandinavia Partner AS (founded in 2010) is an official partner of the Foundation and addresses issues such as communication, service and support of products and services for the foundation and the concepts FLL and Newton. Our aim is to be a fully equipped supplier of exciting concepts within the teaching of science and technology through a broadbased team with various expertise and professional background.